• Fun and addictive gameplay

  • Dispose enemies by dropping bombs

  • Retro soundtrack

  • Lots of cherries!


In 1984 Tehkan released an arcade game called Bomb Jack. The game spawned a couple of arcade sequels and a lot of various console conversions. It was a colourful action game where you had to collect all the bombs to complete a level. To make it harder, the game was filled with foes that will do what they can to stop Bomb Jack's progress.


Jacky Bomb is based on, and a tribute to Tehkan's Bomb Jack. Like its predecessor Jacky Bomb is a level-based high score arcade game. Jacky Bomb introduces a further layer to the gameplay of the original. Each level is divided in two phases; collecting bombs and dispatching enemies.

Phase 1: Collecting bombs.

The first object of each level is to collect all the bombs while avoiding the enemies. Make sure to grab the flashing bombs as they award you with more points.

Phase 2: Dispatching enemies

You will be able to defeat your enemies by dropping bombs on them. When all enemies have been dispatched the level is cleared and you will progress to the next level.

Special items

Every now an then, cherries will appear. If you collect five of these the Power Coin Modulator will be available for use. The Power Coin Modulator has the ability to transform enemies into coins for a short while.

Game developed by Mårten Brüggemann (
Publishing and addtional features by TechVision (
Original 'Bomb Jack' Game by Tehkan

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